Vision Statement

Our Vision is to provide all students with diverse learning experiences and ensure individual growth and personal success in an environment of mutual respect and safety through collaborative efforts that include exposure to globalization through cultural activities. Student success will be measured by on-going assessments and observations with support and reinforcement by students, family, staff and community.

To achieve these goals we train our students to acknowledge and work towards making the world a better place by motivating them to discover the sesame of success by exerting their innate social and moral potential and worth through the inculcation of right ideas and right actions. Apart from learning activities and academic progress of which parents of students are informed regularly, assessments of character formation and personality development include propensity and training vis-a-vis alertness, responsiveness, confidence, thoughtfulness, determination, qualities of leadership, concern for the environment, the aged, the handicapped, the destitute and, last but not least, about their sense of humour and bonhomie. It is in this spirit, that while rewarding success in Examinations, what matters more is recognition through awards and trophies, House-wise and individually that are presented, for Social Service, Leadership, Good Citizenship, Courtesy, Courage and Co-operation, Dedication and Determination and for running that Extra Mile.

That our vision is being realised is apparent by the success and kudos our alumni receive in their professional enterprises and achievements in the high position they hold both in our country and abroad. They maintain regular contact with their Alma Mater to which they credit the mantra for their contentment and success as they look back on their years with us with happiness, deep affection and nostalgia.