“By Education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the Child: in Body, Mind and Spirit”


There is more to an education than just academics. The educational philosophy of our administrators, teachers, students and their parents – stakeholders known as the All Saints’ family – lays emphasis on the following policies and priorities:

  • To co-cordinate the educational, social and emotional needs of students as individuals as well as members of their Class and School by nurturing a salutary environment of interest as well as enjoyment in learning and achievement.
  • To develop skills related to thinking, assimilation of knowledge, inductive understanding and deductive reasoning with the ever-present desire to know more.
  • To train teachers to evolve student-centred programmes, provide timely availability and responses.
  • To maintain a happy discipline in Class and Campus.
  • To ensure that students are exposed to stimulating and inspiring techniques of discovering anew of what is being taught.
  • To reach out for effective communication to enthuse students to look forward to schooling.
  • To focus on the potential and aptitude in students to attain their best in academics, personal skills, sports and co-curricular activities, awareness of civic responsibility, dignity of labour and the need to safeguard the environment.
  • To realise the capabilities as well as the limitations of students and thus encourage them either to ascend higher or tread the stepping stones to success – in keeping with our motto: “To the Highest.”
  • To inculcate a sense of right and wrong in our students by appealing to their innate feelings of self-worth and self-respect and the desire to live up to the expectations of their family and school.
  • To never belittle efforts or erode the concept of justice and fair play when interacting with a student.
  • To commend acts of kindness, unselfishness, sharing, compassion, honesty and integrity as models of good behaviour.
  • To inspire love and pride for our Nation by thought, word and deed, to respond to patriotic ideas and urges, to celebrate and cherish the history and greatness of our Freedom Fighters and preserve their legacy through the conviction that “I can and must contribute to the progress of my country.”
  • To promulgate these core values our students are motivated to appreciate individual creativity as well as team spirit, taught to respect themselves as well as others, to make the most of opportunities, seek moral standards that will allow them to thrive in the world they inherit and to experience the joy of learning as a life-long process.