Dear God of all Creation, we pray on this our Independence Day, that You will give to each one of us the Power and Grace to have the strength to fight for and defend our Country whenever we are called upon to do so. Give us the Power to use our Freedom wisely and above all the Grace to live in Peace with each other and with other countries. Help us to be honest and good citizens in every way. In memory of those who fought and died for our Freedom, and continue to do so, we ask a Special Blessing on our Country and all her children.

May God bless India. JAI HIND.


We solemnly vow on our own behalf / and on that of our chosen leaders / to be loyal and trustworthy in everyway./

We shall give respect and gratitude to all our teachers; / obey the School Rules / and help and guide all the students who follow us./ We shall always endeavour / to uphold the dignity and honour of our School./

It will be our aim to keep alive / the ‘feeling’ of ‘belonging’ / which is part of the tradition of All Saints’.

On behalf of us all, / we sincerely hope that when the time comes / for us to join the men and women of India / and take our place in the Adult World, / we shall go forth with Courage / and Love and Understanding for all our Fellow beings / and never forget/ the lessons of Honesty, Kindness and Generosity / which we have learnt in our School Days./

We shall always remember our School Motto/ ‘To the Highest’,/ and from the very depths of our hearts, / acknowledge all our lives / that ‘of ourselves we can do nothing,/ with God we can do all things.’ / And with these final words we solemnly bind our pledge. JAI HIND.

VINDHYA HOUSE: We look upon the Vindhyas as representing the spirit of perseverance/ in our people./ AS CAPTAINS and VICE CAPTAINS OF VINDHYA HOUSE,/ we dedicate ourselves/to serve our Country/ with loyalty and to the best of our abilities./ JAI HIND

HIMACHAL HOUSE: The magnificent Himalayas / represent the courage of the Indian people./ AS CAPTAINS and VICE CAPTAINS OF HIMACHAL HOUSE,./ we shall aspire to have the courage of our convictions / and stand firm against adversity and corruption… JAI HIND

YAMUNA HOUSE: The beautiful Yamuna/giver of peace and plenty/ represents the spirit of Love./ AS CAPTAINS and VICE CAPTAINS OF YAMUNA HOUSE./ we pledge to uphold and promote/the values of unity,/ compassion,/ amity and co-operation./ JAI HIND

GANGA HOUSE: The purity of the Ganga represents Truth./As CAPTAINS and VICE CAPTAINS OF GANGA HOUSE/ we promise to practice /honesty of thought,/ word and action/ with the firm realization /that Truth alone can lead us to the Highest. JAI HIND


As a finale to our Independence Day celebrations we enact the Torch Ceremony during which the Choir sings a Patriotic Anthem specially composed annually for All Saints' by the internationally acclaimed poet Padmashri Dr. Bashir Badr on the occasion of our Country's Independence Day celebrations. His beautiful Taranas are set to music by the well-known maestro Mr. Zameer Hussain Khan.

The TORCH represents the flame of learning which was lit by our beloved Miss Auer and continues to shine to bring enlightenment through our young students to the outside world. It symbolizes the dispelling of the darkness of ignorance and the ignominy of fanaticism and from this Torch glows the true spirit of unity and patriotism.

The newly inducted Head Girl and Head Boy, after receiving the Torches from their predecessors of the previous academic session, spread the circle of light from the seniors to the youngest and then place the Torches as beacons to fill the future with brightness and hope for us all.