The fellowship that exists in the cyclic relationship between Students – Teachers – Parents justifies the nomenclature – “The All Saints’ Family”, and is the raison d’etre of the credence and success of our educational and personal enterprises.

A few general guidelines are indicated to further strengthen our objectives.


  • Spend at least half an hour of quality time, as a family, with your children.
  • Develop the need and habit of two-way communications and encourage them to tell you about School activities.
  • Be aware of the happenings in School.
  • Check their school diaries and note-books regularly and advise them about their studies.
  • Try to know where the interest of the child lies and develop it.
  • Encourage your children to take part in co-curricular activities of their interest.
  • Be regular in attending PT meets to learn about your children’s progress and take required decisions.
  • Inculcate the qualities of discipline, punctuality and responsibility in them.
  • Please Remember: Your children need your Presence much more than your Presents.