The House System and Cadre of Office Bearers

The ‘House’ System is an essential part of the ethos of All Saints’. The names of the four houses as depicted in our National Anthem are: Vindhya (Red), Himachal (Yellow), Yamuna (Green) and Ganga (Blue). Vindhya represents Service, Himachal stands for Invincibility, Yamuna indicates the spirit of Love and Ganga denotes Truth. Every Student from Classes I to XII belongs to one of the four houses – balancing numerical strength equitably through assessments of academic, curricular and co-curricular propensities and activities. The Office Bearers form the Corpus of students’ development in terms of character, personality, aptitude and potential for leadership. They are elected by the Teachers, the team being led by the Head Boy and Head Girl followed by the 4 House Captains (Girls) and 4 House Captains (Boys) from Class XII and their attendant Vice Captains from Class XI. Prefects are chosen from Classes XII, XI and X. Sub-Prefects from Class IX and permanent Monitors/Monitress from Class VIII.

The routine responsibility and interaction of teachers and students, the participation of the student leaders, monitored by teachers, in organizational matters provides opportunities to help in character training, developing positive personality traits, leadership qualities, discipline, fellow-feeling, sportsmanship, an awareness of duty and fair play as well as giving a sense of achievement and enjoyment. We believe in promoting attributes and attitudes of ethical worth through competitions, talent-search events, exhibitions and thereby inculcating loyalty and dedication to one’s Class, one’s ‘House’ one’s Team, one’s Teachers and one’s School to act as precursors to sentiments of patriotism and service to the Nation.